10 Steps to Build a Solid Pathway

  1. Measure and create the layout of the pathway using a spray can to outline
  2. Excavate 9 inches of soil
  3. Compact the soil to get a solid base
  4. Lay filter cloth to prevent weeds, then add 6 inches of granular A aggregates
  5. Then… more compacting
  6. Add half an inch of screening limestone and make sure the base is level with a 1% pitch for water drainage
  7. Lay the interlock pavers
  8. Brush with polymeric sand and make sure all the cracks are covered
  9. Then more compacting to seal it all together
  10. Finish the project with one last coat of polymeric sand!

Check out this video of us building a pathway and step from start to finish.

We Used:
Villa Pavers from Bestway Stone
Parkwall Antico retaining wall system in Grey Mix from Bestway Stone